As expected…

Some dumbasses at George Fox University (wherever that is) decided it would be a great idea to take a cardboard image of presidential nominee Barack Obama and tie it to a fishing line. Oh yeah, and they took that fishing line and tied it to a tree around the neck. A very Christian thing to do at a Christian college I guess.

The students wrote upon the image “ActSixreject.” ActSixreject is a scholarship program offered by the university for minority students that promotes campus diversity, since a school full of Christian white kids can be boring.  I can’t even understand why they would be pissed off. I’m sure only like 0.05% of that campus even has minorities anyway. Besides, only 10 students get rewarded at a time.

Anyracism, the students have been suspended for a while and have to do a bunch of community service. Robin Baker, the school’s president, was quick to put these bitches in check by hosting an assembly attended by 1,200 students, including the 17 Act Six students. President Baker even took the time to write a letter to Sen. Obama.

“Our campus community was outraged and disheartened by this unfortunate incident and would like to extend our deepest apologies to you and your family for any harm this may have caused,” Baker said in the letter. “Please know that this incident does not represent how our community feels about issues of race or your candidacy.”

However, police did not find this a criminal act but an exercise of the First Amendment. That’s understandable. But really, I think they should just let the Act Six kids kick their asses. Or better yet, I’ll call up my SoCal Cholas Locas who know a thing or two about handling a fishing line.


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